A b o u t


Hi…my name is Nicky. A few tidbits about me…I love sun shine, fireflies, the smell of pumpkin, the way sushi looks before I’ve devoured it, and old photographs. I’m inspired by the simplest things in life, the way sunlight hits a face, the way I awake tangled up in my sheets, anything and everything vintage. I draw inspiration from everything I see (seriously, it gets a little crazy in this brain of mine), my favorite childhood books and movies, browsing through Etsy, people watching, strolling through antique stores, and anything that makes me laugh hard out loud.

I love my children most, my son’s dimple on his left cheek, his semi toothless smile, and his quirky personality. I love my daughter’s bottom lip (it’s got a personality of its own), the way she uses store windows as stages to sing on (Anthropologie now expects a show every time), and her ringlets. I hope to capture those precious details in you and in your family. As a mother I understand how quickly baby curls grow in to a head full of thick hair, and the round softness in your child’s cheeks so quickly fades, I want to make sure you never forget their tiny gorgeous details. I love to see how people love each other. I want to capture the real you, the connections, the inside jokes, the sweet stuff, I want it all. I love creating a personalized dreamy oasis for you and your loved ones, something for you to place on your wall that invites you and visitors to explore the wonder of you.

 Photo credit: The talented Carmen Santorelli